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Sodium Carbonate – Primary Standard for Acid/Base Titrometry

Primary Standard for standardisation of acid titrant solutions. Twice recrystallised, anhydrous sodium carbonate of extraordinary purity.

Chemical formula: Na2CO3

Appearance and odour: snow white amorphous powder, without appreciable odour

Grade: 99.95 % (acidometric assay)

Molar Mass: 105.9885 g/mole

CAS: 497-19-8

Amount: 25 g

Packaging: professional wide necked, white HDPE bottle with blue conical seal cap and tamper ring. Labelled. Bottle and cap are UN approved and reusable.

Description and uses:

To prepare Primary Standard solutions for standardising acid titrant solutions.

250.0 ml of a 0.1 N (equivalent/L) sodium carbonate Standard Solution requires approximately 1.3248 g to weighed accurately to 0.1 mg (best) or 1 mg (acceptable) and transferred into a 250.0 ml calibrated volumetric flask. Adding water to completely dissolve the primary standard, then filling the flask to the 250 ml mark yields a solution of exactly known Normality.

If the precisely weighed amount was m then the titer t of the solution is t = m / 1.3248.

A 10.0, 20.0 or 25.0 ml sample of this solution is then titrated (repeatedly) against the acid solution to be standardised, using an appropriate end-point indicator or potentiometric determination of end-point. For strong acids Methyl Orange solution is the recommended indicator, changing from yellow to orange at end point.

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