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Rador Labs Heavy Challenge!

Calling all backyard chemists: Rador Labs (link to Twitter) has issued its first monthly challenge with pooled money prize!

The challenge is to make the heaviest compound by molar mass. Pure starting materials must have a molar mass less than 260 g/mol and starting materials extracted from impure sources must have a molar mass less than 500 g/mol.

Another way to enter is to just extract the heaviest compound possible. However, you cannot react the extracted compound with anything.

Polymers, proteins, and DNA don’t count.

The competition starts at 15 November 2014. The winner will be announced within a day of the end of the challenge, on 15 December 2014 at 00:00 UTC.

The rules: here (https google docs link).

More info and some participants on this Science Madness thread.

Join, synthesize, extract, have fun and WIN!