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Potassium Dichromate ‘How To’ Prepare it Yourself Guide

Learn how to prepare small amounts (50 g and more per batch but there is no real limit) of Potassium Dichromate (K2Cr2O7) of excellent quality and using off-the-shelf, legal, unrestricted materials.

Beat the upcoming ban on dichromates (aka ‘hexavalent chromium’) with this excellent ‘How To’ guide’!


• Simple method: about 2 hours of actual work
• Based on a tried, tested and optimised method developed by
• All legal, easily obtainable precursor chemicals
• Based on three chemicals only!
• Simple, over-the-counter tools
• Entirely written with the complete layman in mind
• Flow chart for easy conceptualisation
• Broken down into bite size chunks, for easy digestion
• Jam packed full of safety advice and practical tips
• 12 pages (cover page included) of top quality, highly structured ‘How to’ text
• Photo illustrated
• Environmentally friendly: learn how to recycle odds and sods and pollute less!
• Limited (within reason) post-sales email support included with each sale
• Bonus: addendum dedicated to a plausible route to ammonium dichromate
• No shipping cost: brought to you by email (digital file)
• Sold worldwide (no shipping cost!)

Only £9.90 incl. tax (introductory offer: early bird gets the worm! High demand may warrant price hike). FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Delivered as 2007 Word document (but if you prefer another format like *.pdf let us know and we’ll arrange that for you!)

Price: £9.90