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Palladium on Carbon Catalyst – Pd/C – for Hydrogenations

Chemical formula: Pd/C

Amount: 1.0 g or 2.0 g

Appearance and odour: black micro-crystalline powder, without appreciable odour

Grade: Reagent

Packaging: neutral glass vial (14 ml) with aluminium, rubber lined cap for hermetical closure. Labelled.

Description and uses:

Finely ground black powder, containing finely dispersed palladium (Pd) metal on activated carbon.

Catalyst for hydrogenation reactions, mainly in organic chemistry.

With hydrogen in the presence of catalyst, homolytic bond cleavage occurs, resulting in very active hydrogen bound loosely to the palladium atoms (see Step 1 in the first additional picture, left)

In the presence of an unsaturated substrate, catalytic hydrogenation then occurs (see Step 2 in the first additional picture, left)

While hydrogen isn’t always a convenient hydrogenating agent, formic acid, 1,3-cyclohexadiene (see second additional picture, left) and others are frequently used at the laboratory level.

Palladium on carbon is also used as the palladium catalyst in the Suzuki reaction, Stille reaction and related reactions.

Ultrafine dispersal of palladium metal throughout activated carbon matrix ensures maximum catalyst activity. Approx. 100 mg (milligram) of Pd/C catalyst is required per 20 mmol (millimole) of substrate to be hydrogenated. Typically substrate, hydrogenating agent and catalyst are loaded into a suitable boiling flask and gently simmered under total reflux for 15 – 30 minutes. Reaction products are then filtered off for further work-up.

The catalyst is recoverable by filtering, washing and drying. With frequently repeated use, catalyst poisoning will render it inactive. The palladium can then still be recovered by means of nitric acid.

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CAS: 7440-05-3

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