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Copper Sulphate pentahydrate – 200 g (Reagent Grade)

Chemical formula: CuSO4.5H2O

Synonyms: cupric sulphate, spirit of copper.

Amount: 200 g

Appearance and odour: blue crystals without appreciable odour.

Grade: 99 or more %

Packaging: professional wide necked, white HDPE bottle with blue conical seal cap and tamper ring. Labeled. Bottle and cap are UN approved and reusable.

Description and uses: copper sulphate pentahydrate is probably the most used general purpose, water soluble copper compound and a precursor to most other copper salts.

Precipitate as hydroxide using alkali and redissolve in relevant acid to obtain other salts of copper. Copper (II) is slightly amphoteric: with an excess of strong alkali, cobalt blue cuprate ions (Cu(OH)4 -) are formed.

A hot flame (bunsen or alcohol) is coloured a greenish colour by it, due to spectral emission lines of copper.
With aqueous ammonia it forms a beautiful deep blue complex.

With an iodide it forms copper (I) iodide (CuI) and iodine (I2), a method used to standardise sodium thiosulphate solutions (and other mild reducing agents). Another copper (I) (oxidation state +I) salt can be formed by boiling a copper sulphate solution in saturated NaCl with copper wire: white insoluble copper (I) chloride (CuCl) then precipitates, which can be kept under water but oxidises to CuOHCl on contact with air. CuCl is soluble in ammonia as a clear ammonium complex.

Reducing Cu (II) sulphate with fructose causes yellow-red copper (I) oxide (Cu2O) to form (see also Fehlings Reagent).

Interesting redox displacement reactions that demonstrate the redox potential series with zinc and aluminium (among others): watch a strip of either metal get coated in copper metal while the metal slowly enters in solution.

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CAS: 7758-99-7

Price: £6.19