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Analytical and Consultancy Services

Analytical and Consultancy Services

OxfordChemServe also offers analytical and consultancy services in assistance to a large number of industrial and domestic issues. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE pre-quote conversation about your particular needs.

Case Study #1:

WIII (UK), a recycler, was assisted by us with a feasibility study on various chemical routes to extract manganese from reclaimed battery filler (dry batteries). After determination of the amount of realistically reclaimable manganese (as dioxide) in the recyclate stream, several methods of practical extraction of manganese from it were evaluated and a full report was issued.

Case Study #2:

EnviroSystems (UK) approached us with a view of finding a pH modifier that would allow reclassification of a large amount of fly ash from H4 (and H8) due to high pH of the waste, to non-corrosive status. The pH and total Alkali Reserve were determined by us, and a considerable number of solid, non-toxic adjuvants that were candidates for pH modifier were evaluated using bench tests. One substance in particular was found to decrease the waste’s pH sufficiently without impacting significantly on physical properties, cost or waste toxicity. A full advisory report was issued.

Case Study #3:

A British importer wanted to import a substantial amount of children’s goods from a supplier in China. Because of concerns over paint toxicity, more specifically lead containing paint, the importer first bought a sample of the goods and submitted it to us. Subsequent analysis of the paint showed it was lead free, as stated by the supplier.

Case Study #4:

A private individual was concerned with water quality of drinking water drawn from a private well. Concern was related to colour and turbidity of the water, which the Client believed to be due to agricultural run-off from a large nearby farm. Subsequent analysis showed the source of the discolouration and turbidity to be due to naturally occurring ferric hydroxide in the water. Client was advised to deploy a simple and cost effective water purification system, which was subsequently implemented.

So how does this work for you?

After a period of FREE consultation we will typically assess further needs of the Client in terms of hours of work required and this becomes the basis of a firm quote. On written acceptance this quote determines what the Client will be billed after satisfactory delivery of services. On no account will the Client be billed for ‘overtime’, ‘unexpected expenses’ or any other hidden costs. All quoted prices are binding and inclusive of VAT.

As a small independent, overhead-free family concern we can offer the best rates going! Our fees are perfectly comparable to those of any competent trades person.

Contact us now for a FREE consultation and FREE quote!