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Aluminon – Aluminium Cations Test Kit

Aluminon, the triammonium salt of aurintricarboxylic acid, is a dye commonly used to detect the presence of the aluminium ion in an aqueous solution. In the presence of Aluminon, precipitated aluminum hydroxide forms a lake dye through chemisorption, causing a pinkish red precipitate to form. Only beryllium cations and ferric cations show a similar reaction.

This test kit can be used to:

• Identify aluminium salts
• Identify aluminium metal or aluminium rich alloys
• Identify aluminium in minerals (aluminium silicates, kaolins, clays etc)
• Detect aluminium in soil or water
• Distinguish aluminium cations from other amphoterics like zinc

This Aluminon based aluminium test kit is comprised off:

• 50 ml of proprietary Aluminon-based solution in HDPE dropper bottle
• 50 ml of ammonium acetate buffer solution in HDPE dropper bottle
• 50 ml of 6 M ammonia solution in HDPE dropper bottle
• 50 ml of 1 % (as Al2O3) Standard Al cations solution for reference purposes, in HDPE dropper bottle
• Booklet of 20 Universal pH indicator leaves with coloured pH scale (back of booklet)
• Illustrated instruction leaflet takes you through all relevant steps. Includes examples of sample preparation, test procedure, photos of positive and negative test results and how to deal with ferric or beryllium interference

Everything you need for at least 50 tests. After sample preparation a test takes less than 5 minutes and requires no heating or other treatments.

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