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0.1 M (0.1 N) NaOH Standard Solution (Sodium Hydroxide) – With Titer guaranteed – 500 ml

Chemical formula: NaOH 0.1 M (mol/L) solution in water

Amount: 500 ml (0.5 L)

Appearance and odour: clear watery solution without appreciable odour.

Grade: 4 significant digits Titer (supplied on the label)

Packaging: professional narrow necked, natural HDPE bottle. Labelled.

Description and uses: 0.1 M (0.1 N) sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution: probably the most used general purpose, strong base solution of precisely known concentration.

Used in acid-base titrations as a titrant solution for strong or weak acids. 500 ml suffices for about 20 x 20 ml titrations.

Titrate against Phenolphthalein or Methyl Orange indicator solutions, both for sale from us. Also check out our burettes.

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Price: £6.99